LS 9600 TD: Laser Trimming System for the Electronic Industry

The LS 9600 TD laser trimming system speeds up, automates and significantly increases the accuracy of your trim application. The customer-specific solutions with L-TRIS system modules enable cost optimization with the best possible efficiency. The spectrum ranges from OEM systems for integration into production lines to complete stand-alone systems with automated handling, electrical contracting and efficient measurement technology for thick-film, thin-film and PCB applications. All systems can be equipped with automatic parts loading and unloading.



    • Cut geometry U, I, L, D, J, meander cut or shave cut
    • Automatic pre -, end – and contact test
    • PXIe Measurement incl. switch matrix
    • Camera alignment - edge detection, area search, pattern recognition
    • Complete marking function - Text, Barcode, 2D-Code and Graphic function
    • DC motor driven probe assembly
    • Probe type: LS or ACCUPROBE type - to be defined by customer
    • Flying Probes
    • Step and Repeat linear motor drive
    • Power meter
    • Vacuum pump or vacuum valve


    Technical Data
    SubstrateDimensions up to 6" x 8"
    Laser SourcesNd YAG 1064 nm / 532 nm
    Dimensions1800 x 1780 x 900 mm
      • Manual / motor driven z-axsis
      • Motor driven phi axsis
      • Flying Probes
      • Hybrid System - ProbeCard and Flying Probes in one system
      • IEEE / GPIB Connection
      • Laser power meter
      • Exhaust system
      • Vacuum pump
      • Fully automated handling system
      • Trimming of resistors and capacitors for hybrid technology
      • Available for thick- and thin film applications
      • Active and passive trimming method with additional marking function