Improve your product performances by trimming

Laser trimming is a way of achieving precision alteration of the attributes of an electronic circuit by laser cutting or Link-Blasting. A laser removes material from the appropriate component and thus adjusts its value. A lateral cut into an SMD or hybrid resistor increases its resistance. Removing part of the top electrode of a capacitor decreases its capacitance.

High precision by laser trimming

During trim process the relevant parameter is measured continuously and compared with the nominal value. The trim cut stops automatically when the target value is reached. Resistance, voltage, current, frequency – with suitable measuring equipment any output parameter can be trimmed. If the parameter cannot be measured continuously the trim is done step by step.

L-TRIS‘ solutions are used in various applications in thick and thin film as well as in passive and active trimming (V, A, F, Hz, H) on different materials such as silicon wafers, ceramics, FR4, steel, PI KAPTON® or SMD components.

L-TRIS’ laser trimming systems are used in high technology industries:

  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial and power electronics
  • Automation
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Sensors
  • Linearization of linear / circular potentiometers
  • Military technology, aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • High frequency assemblies
  • Medical technology, medical sensors